Nigeria and Education

I’m really very disappointed when people use the recent WAEC results to rate the standard of education in Nigeria. Everybody and their grandmothers know that the standard of education is on steady decline. Why even dispute that when a graduate cannot write an application without Googling it and substituting details where necessary? I don’t even want to talk of WAEC because we all know what schools do or don’t do to get excellent results.

They say when the students are ready the teacher will appear. That’s not so anymore. Most people actually do not want to learn. They just want to get their degrees and diplomas. They just want to be able to say they’ve been educated. But they’re wrong. They’ve only been schooled.

It’s understandable that most people have bad educational backgrounds but the university which is supposed to be the ultimate learning institution has gone mercenary. Who would bother to actually learn if all you need to pass a course is to buy the recommended text that is of course authored by the lecturer and if need be pay additional sums commensurate with the grade you’re trying to purchase?

The incessant strikes does not help us at all. All those breaks from studying can even break the most determined of us. I can remember back in school where two semesters spanned three years. Three years! Where else in the world can that happen.

Let’s put third world aside. This isn’t a third world problem. Most other third world countries actually have excellent education system. Our problem is that corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of our conscience that we can’t even see the wrong in these things. It’s a market for some people.

Better Nigeria! Change! Those are all empty chants with no life behind them. And don’t get me started on Buhari and his new administration. Oh, wait! He has no administration. Yet. I wonder what his education policy would be. Especially as he had to fabricate his certificate to run for office.

God bless Nigeria. An illiterate is running a one man show of the country.

More accurately, God save Nigeria!

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  1. Cynicism at its finest. I completely agree with a lot of your points but I see Buhari’s administration making a difference. So let us agree to disagree.
    And a suggestion- I think you should write a follow up article explaining how we can improve our educational system too.

  2. My dear,
    If I say I’m saddened, I lie.
    Sad doesn’t begin to describe how I feel.
    The rot eating deep into our educational system, needs a very strong mineral/acid/alkaline to get rid of it!
    Terrible state of affairs!!!

  3. And you actually went and mentioned Buhari….. Hmmmmm

    I agree with you. The Nigerian Educational Rot is not a third or even a fourth world thing; its a Nigerian and its corrupt ways things.
    Sometimes I wonder if there can ever be a change. I wonder if our educational system can ever be overhauled. But I think the whole use of computers for JAMB is a good start, some schools have also adopted that for post-ume

    1. Yes, it’s great. But not everyone is good under pressure. Not me but my brother would be writing his post-UME next week. He’s fretting more about the cbt than the actual exam questions.

      1. That’s a downside. I know people who don’t do well with the normal exam ish but they actually have more information than those who pass exams with flying colours.
        Just ask your brother to think of it like a video game, he should just relax. Wishing him Success

  4. Hmnn, I can see what you mean but I have a different take on the educational rot in the country. I don’t blame the students at all, they are in school to learn, if some don’t want to learn or disturb others who are willing to learn – good administrators will kick them out, that is what they are paid to do. No students should be made to be above the law, each school admin should be held responsible for their inactions.

    On change, 6-3-3-4 started from my set so I knew when Buhari was head of state the first time around, I honestly have never respected any public office holders like Buhari, actually I think this is why he was popular especially amongst those who lived through his time.
    We had a WAI song in my school, him and Tunde Idiagbon worked really hard but tenure was short lived.

    Best of luck with you bros exam, he’ll be just fine 🙂

    1. Thanks for your good wishes. Why I tend to bow to your superior experience, the students still shouldn’t be totally exempt from the blame. I was a student not too long ago (the ink is yet to dry on my degree) and we are a nutty bunch.

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