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Derek Morgan in my dreams.

I don’t remember dreaming of a popular person before but last night I was with Derek Morgan. In my dreams of course.

I dreamt of him like this. And more :):):)

I wonder why.


7 thoughts on “Derek Morgan in my dreams.

  1. Criminal Minds! I haven’t seen that series in 3yrs now smh. Do you watch CSI: Cyber? You should, it’s both entertaining and educative.

    1. I stopped at Season 7. I was tired of buying DVDs with incomplete seasons. I haven’t been able to find CSI in the market here though. I know I tried.

      I did find CSI:Miami season 3 sometime last year. It was part of the old stock so most of it was cracking. You know where I could get it?

      1. I stopped at season five after buying several incomplete dvds too.
        I really like Derek Morgan and can understand why you dreamt of him… that man is deliciously handsome.

      2. That he is o. But why him? I don’t dream of hot dudes. Usually. And I haven’t even seen him on-screen in years. Na wa o. Soon now I’d start dreaming of this other one. 😝😝😝

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