A Year to My Year

Today I turned 27. 

So I went to church.

I left my past behind.

And dedicated my life to God’s service and the advancement of his kingdom going forward.

I came home, had a plate of rice and beef stew, a glass of wine and a couple episodes of Hawaii Five O.

A nice book to read.

A good sleep.

And I’m OK.

I thank God for the gift of life.

For the man who loves me, scars and all.

For the grace to love him the way he deserves. 

For great friends and family who love me.

Thank you, Lord, for blessing me more than I deserve.

Happy Birthday to me.

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What comes next


So, I leave tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

I mean, I have stayed an extra sixteen days since passing out from service. My family and friends have been calling and asking of my movement. I have been very busy being productive. More on that later.


I leave town tomorrow.

But I’m not going home.

Not yet.

I’m moving to Lagos.

Earlier today, I had nearly all my neighbors in my room. Looking for what to take. I made it into a sort of garage sale. And then put them to work helping me organize and pack my stuff. It was a very productive venture. My room was emptied and packed up in a couple hours.

Then in the evening, I took all of them out to celebrate my last day here. All 12 of them. It was a really fun night. Drinking, eating, dancing and lots of laugh all round. Makes me wish we’d gathered like this before now. There might have been¬† a lap dance included. Or two. Don’t tell my boyfriend. He wouldn’t approve.

Honestly, I’m so wired up with excitement. My neighbors feel the same way. So we bought us a bottle of McDowell’s and took it home with us. Now there’s music blasting in my room. From someone’s computer of course. All my stuff’s been packed up.

I feel really good. I spent a year in this town. Took care of myself without assistance from family or friends. It was a big step towards being an adult. Now I’m moving to the next thing.

Next stop, Lagos state.
Wish me luck.

The Future

Passing out

The end is just the beginning

This post goes to my dear Cush who, if I may be truthful to myself, made me write this post just to prove that i can write it close to passing out post celebration.

Friends who made it worthwhile

But dear, Cush, I didn’t actually mean passing out in that comment. At least not in the way you feel after downing a bottle of you-know-what but in the sense that I have passed out of the compulsory one year service to my country.


Looking back, I admit I went into the service like Jesus did his baptism; to fulfill all righteousness. But truth be told, I had a lot of fun. Much more fun than I did in my nearly eight years in school. Don’t ask me why it took so long. I mean I only studied Public Administration.


Anyway, it was a really fun year.¬† I swear. You may not take my word for it. In fact, you shouldn’t. The burden of proof lies on me. I am right now (probably too unstable to say that) committing myself to giving you the deets on my one year escapade.

There's always that one friend

Stay tuned for a yet-to-be-named series dedicated to my one year in service of my nation.

Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.

PS: Today marks the one week of my passing out and of writing this post.

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We read too dammit.

I’m not going to cry marginalization before I read the Amazon policy (and I’m never going to read it anyway so that point is moot).

It hurts too. Especially when it’s not even free. We pay just fine.

I guess I should just pay the Scribd subscription. I wonder if some of their titles are regional based.

What’s a girl gotta do to read a book online?!!!!

Current Issues

Global Hand washing Day

On October 15, the world will celebrate Global Hand Washing Day. This day is set aside annually to promote awareness on the importance of hand washing with soap/ash. Hand washing with soap/ash is a simple, effective and affordable way of preventing diseases and saving lives. It is reported that by just hand washing, many diseases and infant mortality is reduced significantly. Support hand-washing with soap/ash after using toilets and before eating.

Sent by ureport, an sms-based platform that enables Nigerians to participate in policy-making, governance and access information on key social issues. It was launched by UNICEF.

Ekiti, Nigeria.

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So I dreamt of OBJ and GMB and if you don’t know who those are you shouldn’t be reading this.

Anyone who has read my posts from a month back would know that I’ve had weird dreams for every night of that period. What you don’t know is that the dreams haven’t entirely stopped. If I’m being truthful to myself I admit that I’m getting freaked out by that.

I’m not sure if going to bed with Fun’s album, I think Some Nights is the title, in my head is a good idea. Who knows? I really like their songs. Especially All Alone. Or is it Why am I the one? Anyway the track that talks about being alone. Cos that’s how I feel right now. And all night. Or is it all alright. It’s so not. NOT alright.

But I digress.

Who dreams of OBJ? Add GMB to that equation. I must have being really out of my mind. Those two are a dangerous combination. It speaks more of Nigeria than I’m ready to admit.

I’ve never had a passport. I mean I’ve been thinking about it for months since I was mobilized for NYSC but I haven’t actually made any move towards getting it six months in. But I was in Germany in my dreams. I guess dreams break the passport and visa barriers. I think I should travel more in my dreams.

I talked with OBJ in Germany. He was supposedly my friend or humble enough to relate to me why he should go all the way to Germany to sign something that makes Wike the President of Nigeria or maybe I was the press. That’s an interesting idea. I shudder at the thought of OBJ being my friend. That’s a morbid thought.

I think he said that (I can’t be too sure; my memory might be wrong) Wike is the right person (candidate) for the Presidency because he understands the theoretical implications of corruption to the Nigerian economy. I wonder if he just means to say that Wike is a Professor of economics. I’m really curious to know if he is.

Then I was laying on the verandah of my parents’ flat in Onitsha and guess who was hitting his head on the purple plastic table we leave out there. In a daffy duck fashion I might add. His Royal Highness GMB. I said to him in a conversational tone, “I thought you were serious about this curbing corruption thingy” and he replied, “I’m really out of my depth on this one.

I’m glad this was only a dream. Whoever sang “IT WAS ONLY JUST A DREAMMMMMMMM” (that’s probably not the title but it was in the lyrics) hit the nail on the head. Anyway, I hope I wasn’t appointed by His Royal Majesty or was it Highness to fight the corruption because even in my sorry dream state I’m already planning what to do with the national cake. Or is it national moin-moin like Mama G sang in that song of hers.

OK, enough. This doesn’t even crack me up and I don’t expect you to get cracked up either. A ‘waka pass’ would be enough. I love you.

Ekiti, Nigeria.