So, I leave tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow.

I mean, I have stayed an extra sixteen days since passing out from service. My family and friends have been calling and asking of my movement. I have been very busy being productive. More on that later.


I leave town tomorrow.

But I’m not going home.

Not yet.

I’m moving to Lagos.

Earlier today, I had nearly all my neighbors in my room. Looking for what to take. I made it into a sort of garage sale. And then put them to work helping me organize and pack my stuff. It was a very productive venture. My room was emptied and packed up in a couple hours.

Then in the evening, I took all of them out to celebrate my last day here. All 12 of them. It was a really fun night. Drinking, eating, dancing and lots of laugh all round. Makes me wish we’d gathered like this before now. There might have beenΒ  a lap dance included. Or two. Don’t tell my boyfriend. He wouldn’t approve.

Honestly, I’m so wired up with excitement. My neighbors feel the same way. So we bought us a bottle of McDowell’s and took it home with us. Now there’s music blasting in my room. From someone’s computer of course. All my stuff’s been packed up.

I feel really good. I spent a year in this town. Took care of myself without assistance from family or friends. It was a big step towards being an adult. Now I’m moving to the next thing.

Next stop, Lagos state.
Wish me luck.


17 thoughts on “What comes next

  1. Hi Maureen,

    You look lovely, post-NYSC glow looks great on you. πŸ™‚

    I know that feeling, trying to figure things out during the transition from one phase of life to the next. I wish you the very best.

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