So I dreamt of OBJ and GMB and if you don’t know who those are you shouldn’t be reading this.

Anyone who has read my posts from a month back would know that I’ve had weird dreams for every night of that period. What you don’t know is that the dreams haven’t entirely stopped. If I’m being truthful to myself I admit that I’m getting freaked out by that.

I’m not sure if going to bed with Fun’s album, I think Some Nights is the title, in my head is a good idea. Who knows? I really like their songs. Especially All Alone. Or is it Why am I the one? Anyway the track that talks about being alone. Cos that’s how I feel right now. And all night. Or is it all alright. It’s so not. NOT alright.

But I digress.

Who dreams of OBJ? Add GMB to that equation. I must have being really out of my mind. Those two are a dangerous combination. It speaks more of Nigeria than I’m ready to admit.

I’ve never had a passport. I mean I’ve been thinking about it for months since I was mobilized for NYSC but I haven’t actually made any move towards getting it six months in. But I was in Germany in my dreams. I guess dreams break the passport and visa barriers. I think I should travel more in my dreams.

I talked with OBJ in Germany. He was supposedly my friend or humble enough to relate to me why he should go all the way to Germany to sign something that makes Wike the President of Nigeria or maybe I was the press. That’s an interesting idea. I shudder at the thought of OBJ being my friend. That’s a morbid thought.

I think he said that (I can’t be too sure; my memory might be wrong) Wike is the right person (candidate) for the Presidency because he understands the theoretical implications of corruption to the Nigerian economy. I wonder if he just means to say that Wike is a Professor of economics. I’m really curious to know if he is.

Then I was laying on the verandah of my parents’ flat in Onitsha and guess who was hitting his head on the purple plastic table we leave out there. In a daffy duck fashion I might add. His Royal Highness GMB. I said to him in a conversational tone, “I thought you were serious about this curbing corruption thingy” and he replied, “I’m really out of my depth on this one.

I’m glad this was only a dream. Whoever sang “IT WAS ONLY JUST A DREAMMMMMMMM” (that’s probably not the title but it was in the lyrics) hit the nail on the head. Anyway, I hope I wasn’t appointed by His Royal Majesty or was it Highness to fight the corruption because even in my sorry dream state I’m already planning what to do with the national cake. Or is it national moin-moin like Mama G sang in that song of hers.

OK, enough. This doesn’t even crack me up and I don’t expect you to get cracked up either. A ‘waka pass’ would be enough. I love you.

Ekiti, Nigeria.

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