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Ever since the new academic session resumed exactly four weeks today, It’s been go. I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been. Even more than I was as a freshman in the university. My workload is something else.

As part of my national service, I teach government to senior secondary school students in a school in southwestern Nigeria. Not only have I never taught in my life (I studied Public Administration in the university), my head teacher who is supposed to guide me around the whole process got transferred to another school the week of resumption and there’s been no replacement. So I’m basically winging it.

Talk about swimming off the deep end. That’s how I feel most of the time. At least I used to feel that way. I’m catching up. Barely. This is the fifth week and I’m still running on the third week class work. It’s been really busy.

To add to that most of my friends have completed their service year and will b officially passing out on Thursday the 15th. I’ll miss them terribly.

Apart from school work, I’ve had my hand in many pies trying to learn a lot of stuff from my older colleagues before they all leave. I have been perfecting my bead jewelry making. I’ve also learnt the basics in making bags, some ideas for shoes, fabric jewelry and baking. And I’ve also been taking a weekend Project Management class.

Sometimes I forget I’m one person. It’ll get easier. As much I like the feel of accomplishing something at the end of the day, I have relegated a lot of other things to the background. Like blogging for example. I haven’t been online much except to watch some recommended video resources online.

So here’s your runaway blogger asking you to please bear with her absences. It’ll be far in-between.

And here’s the bell. I’m off to class.

Ekiti, Nigeria

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If I won the lottery

I have never played the lottery. Or pool. Or betting. Or anything that has to do with gambling in general. I do not believe in such odds. Lucky things never happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s faith and then there’s plain wishful thinking. I’m too much of a logical person to mix the two.

But let’s just say I won the lottery, what then?

Well, first off, it’ll depend on how much that was won. But it’ll be in millions. Lets not give it a figure, ok?

Back in 2010, there was a possibility of me coming into a lot of money (turns out to be a scam of course ). I made plans for it in my head. Nothing solid of course till I had the money in my hands or in my account but my top priorities were getting an iPad and some schmozzy devices before sharing it with my parents. It was the year I wrote my degree exams and I thought it would be cool to travel around Nigeria. At least the popular places.

But five years later, my priorities are much more different than that.
If I won the lottery, I would:
1) Build a house. Honestly paying rent in Nigeria is highway robbery. And if I can afford to build a house, Why Not?!
2) Buy a car. Actually two cars. One for my parents and one for me. Abeg, who no like beta thing?
3) Go Shopping! And by shopping I mean clothes. And shoes. And bags of course. There’s this Timberland boots I’ve got my eyes on for a while. Change my entire wardrobe I will.
4) A computer. I’d buy the latest high tech pc in the market. Honestly, I need a computer. And for the fun of it, I’ll buy one each for my 4 younger ones in (and about to get into) the university. University life is much better and easier with a computer. Only the academic part of course.
4) Start a business. Well, I already have plans to start a business by the end of the year. But if I won the lottery, I’d launch it in a much bigger way than I’d planned and maybe stretch out into a couple more things. Do it big you know.
5) Comfort trappings. OK, I’ve said a few times how much I enjoy living on my own. Well, I’d take it up a notch. A high grade home entertainment system with a huge wall screen TV. It’s not just guys that enjoy their toys. I do love high quality sounds too. Comfy couch, a bigger, softer bed and some more you-know-what.
6) More education. I actually love education. I love school I love acquiring knowledge. So I’d enrol for an MBA.  And a programming course. And photography. And maybe design basics. Who knows? I might be able to turn them all into further business.
7) Travel!!! I’d like to see my country. It’s been on my wish list a long time now. It still is. Ever since one particular edition of Arik Air in-flight magazine. And I don’t have to worry about the cost cos…



Dreams and Me

What is it with me and dreams these days? I rarely dream and when I do i usually don’t remember them when i awaken. Yesterday was Derek Morgan. That’s understandable. Like Adaeze said, he’s deliciously handsome. But today was just plain nobody.

I was involved in an ATM fraud case. By involved I mean I was the main and only suspect and I didn’t do it. I swear I didn’t do it. Why won’t he believe me?! Now I know how suspects feels when they’re wrongly accused.

The dream feels like a movie(s) I had already watched but a very bad remake. I wouldn’t watch this one even though I’m in it. I do wish I was the detective. It would have been so much cooler.

First off, there was no corky detective with all the info and you trying to know what he knows. This one was just a campus police, knew nothing about the case, and just plain arrested me for my proximity to the crime scene. Typical Nigerian police! I was running away from the vicinity of the scene. Who wouldn’t! The alarms were blaring.

Anyway, I had to help him out with the case with my investigative skills. Actually I had to help myself out by finding him an alternative suspect. And to do that, I gotta return to my sleep. I’m still a couple hours short.

It’s still early hours. It’s 4:30am.

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Nigeria and Education

I’m really very disappointed when people use the recent WAEC results to rate the standard of education in Nigeria. Everybody and their grandmothers know that the standard of education is on steady decline. Why even dispute that when a graduate cannot write an application without Googling it and substituting details where necessary? I don’t even want to talk of WAEC because we all know what schools do or don’t do to get excellent results.

They say when the students are ready the teacher will appear. That’s not so anymore. Most people actually do not want to learn. They just want to get their degrees and diplomas. They just want to be able to say they’ve been educated. But they’re wrong. They’ve only been schooled.

It’s understandable that most people have bad educational backgrounds but the university which is supposed to be the ultimate learning institution has gone mercenary. Who would bother to actually learn if all you need to pass a course is to buy the recommended text that is of course authored by the lecturer and if need be pay additional sums commensurate with the grade you’re trying to purchase?

The incessant strikes does not help us at all. All those breaks from studying can even break the most determined of us. I can remember back in school where two semesters spanned three years. Three years! Where else in the world can that happen.

Let’s put third world aside. This isn’t a third world problem. Most other third world countries actually have excellent education system. Our problem is that corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of our conscience that we can’t even see the wrong in these things. It’s a market for some people.

Better Nigeria! Change! Those are all empty chants with no life behind them. And don’t get me started on Buhari and his new administration. Oh, wait! He has no administration. Yet. I wonder what his education policy would be. Especially as he had to fabricate his certificate to run for office.

God bless Nigeria. An illiterate is running a one man show of the country.

More accurately, God save Nigeria!