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Passing out

The end is just the beginning

This post goes to my dear Cush who, if I may be truthful to myself, made me write this post just to prove that i can write it close to passing out post celebration.

Friends who made it worthwhile

But dear, Cush, I didn’t actually mean passing out in that comment. At least not in the way you feel after downing a bottle of you-know-what but in the sense that I have passed out of the compulsory one year service to my country.


Looking back, I admit I went into the service like Jesus did his baptism; to fulfill all righteousness. But truth be told, I had a lot of fun. Much more fun than I did in my nearly eight years in school. Don’t ask me why it took so long. I mean I only studied Public Administration.


Anyway, it was a really fun year.Β  I swear. You may not take my word for it. In fact, you shouldn’t. The burden of proof lies on me. I am right now (probably too unstable to say that) committing myself to giving you the deets on my one year escapade.

There's always that one friend

Stay tuned for a yet-to-be-named series dedicated to my one year in service of my nation.

Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.

PS: Today marks the one week of my passing out and of writing this post.


15 thoughts on “Passing out

  1. Congrats Maureen! I’m glad you enjoyed the NYSC experience, not everyone gets so lucky.
    Your smile is radiant and you are very beautiful! check out better ebony na.

  2. Congratulations! I’m glad people actually have fun during NYSC, because the past year was such a huge waste of time to me. The certificate was all I wanted, and I’ve got it now.

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