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We read too dammit.

I’m not going to cry marginalization before I read the Amazon policy (and I’m never going to read it anyway so that point is moot).

It hurts too. Especially when it’s not even free. We pay just fine.

I guess I should just pay the Scribd subscription. I wonder if some of their titles are regional based.

What’s a girl gotta do to read a book online?!!!!

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Nigeria and Education

I’m really very disappointed when people use the recent WAEC results to rate the standard of education in Nigeria. Everybody and their grandmothers know that the standard of education is on steady decline. Why even dispute that when a graduate cannot write an application without Googling it and substituting details where necessary? I don’t even want to talk of WAEC because we all know what schools do or don’t do to get excellent results.

They say when the students are ready the teacher will appear. That’s not so anymore. Most people actually do not want to learn. They just want to get their degrees and diplomas. They just want to be able to say they’ve been educated. But they’re wrong. They’ve only been schooled.

It’s understandable that most people have bad educational backgrounds but the university which is supposed to be the ultimate learning institution has gone mercenary. Who would bother to actually learn if all you need to pass a course is to buy the recommended text that is of course authored by the lecturer and if need be pay additional sums commensurate with the grade you’re trying to purchase?

The incessant strikes does not help us at all. All those breaks from studying can even break the most determined of us. I can remember back in school where two semesters spanned three years. Three years! Where else in the world can that happen.

Let’s put third world aside. This isn’t a third world problem. Most other third world countries actually have excellent education system. Our problem is that corruption has eaten so deep into the fabric of our conscience that we can’t even see the wrong in these things. It’s a market for some people.

Better Nigeria! Change! Those are all empty chants with no life behind them. And don’t get me started on Buhari and his new administration. Oh, wait! He has no administration. Yet. I wonder what his education policy would be. Especially as he had to fabricate his certificate to run for office.

God bless Nigeria. An illiterate is running a one man show of the country.

More accurately, God save Nigeria!

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There’s God?

The government of Goodluck Jonathan has proven incapable of dealing with these terrorists who have made killings and rampaging a full-time job. But do you know what doesn’t help matters? The First Lady making a mockery of the situation by weeping and chanting “There’s God” on national television. What? She feels their pain? I don’t think so and I have something to say to her.

Dear Ma, to hell with your tears. They won’t bring our daughters back. You’re also a month late with the tears.

Not only that. She’s also bringing us to ridicule with her unconstitutional committees. Did no one tell her she has no official designation in our democracy? She’s just married to the President for God’s sake. She has no right to summon government officials to meetings.

On another note, what is this I hear about instituting full emergency rule in the besieged states? 
Instituting emergency rule in these states while not being any good a solution is of course already being dissected as a political agenda which it most likely is.

The Nigerian terrorist attacks, especially the Chibok abductions,  have become an international incident. I admit I  didn’t think Goodluck will accept this offer of help from foreign power but he’s risen above it because this menace has beaten him hands down. This is the time to learn from the President and put partisan politics aside. The only way to beat this thing is by uniting our forces. Now that the US, UK, China and France have signed up to help we should make utmost use of this opportunity and not play this like our series of failed national conferences and committee setups.

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