Dreams and Me

What is it with me and dreams these days? I rarely dream and when I do i usually don’t remember them when i awaken. Yesterday was Derek Morgan. That’s understandable. Like Adaeze said, he’s deliciously handsome. But today was just plain nobody.

I was involved in an ATM fraud case. By involved I mean I was the main and only suspect and I didn’t do it. I swear I didn’t do it. Why won’t he believe me?! Now I know how suspects feels when they’re wrongly accused.

The dream feels like a movie(s) I had already watched but a very bad remake. I wouldn’t watch this one even though I’m in it. I do wish I was the detective. It would have been so much cooler.

First off, there was no corky detective with all the info and you trying to know what he knows. This one was just a campus police, knew nothing about the case, and just plain arrested me for my proximity to the crime scene. Typical Nigerian police! I was running away from the vicinity of the scene. Who wouldn’t! The alarms were blaring.

Anyway, I had to help him out with the case with my investigative skills. Actually I had to help myself out by finding him an alternative suspect. And to do that, I gotta return to my sleep. I’m still a couple hours short.

It’s still early hours. It’s 4:30am.


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