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If I won the lottery

I have never played the lottery. Or pool. Or betting. Or anything that has to do with gambling in general. I do not believe in such odds. Lucky things never happen to me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s faith and then there’s plain wishful thinking. I’m too much of a logical person to mix the two.

But let’s just say I won the lottery, what then?

Well, first off, it’ll depend on how much that was won. But it’ll be in millions. Lets not give it a figure, ok?

Back in 2010, there was a possibility of me coming into a lot of money (turns out to be a scam of course ). I made plans for it in my head. Nothing solid of course till I had the money in my hands or in my account but my top priorities were getting an iPad and some schmozzy devices before sharing it with my parents. It was the year I wrote my degree exams and I thought it would be cool to travel around Nigeria. At least the popular places.

But five years later, my priorities are much more different than that.
If I won the lottery, I would:
1) Build a house. Honestly paying rent in Nigeria is highway robbery. And if I can afford to build a house, Why Not?!
2) Buy a car. Actually two cars. One for my parents and one for me. Abeg, who no like beta thing?
3) Go Shopping! And by shopping I mean clothes. And shoes. And bags of course. There’s this Timberland boots I’ve got my eyes on for a while. Change my entire wardrobe I will.
4) A computer. I’d buy the latest high tech pc in the market. Honestly, I need a computer. And for the fun of it, I’ll buy one each for my 4 younger ones in (and about to get into) the university. University life is much better and easier with a computer. Only the academic part of course.
4) Start a business. Well, I already have plans to start a business by the end of the year. But if I won the lottery, I’d launch it in a much bigger way than I’d planned and maybe stretch out into a couple more things. Do it big you know.
5) Comfort trappings. OK, I’ve said a few times how much I enjoy living on my own. Well, I’d take it up a notch. A high grade home entertainment system with a huge wall screen TV. It’s not just guys that enjoy their toys. I do love high quality sounds too. Comfy couch, a bigger, softer bed and some more you-know-what.
6) More education. I actually love education. I love school I love acquiring knowledge. So I’d enrol for an MBA.  And a programming course. And photography. And maybe design basics. Who knows? I might be able to turn them all into further business.
7) Travel!!! I’d like to see my country. It’s been on my wish list a long time now. It still is. Ever since one particular edition of Arik Air in-flight magazine. And I don’t have to worry about the cost cos…



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