blogging challenge

10 Favorite Foods

I like food. A lot. All kinds of food. I like to cook it. I like to eat. But I’m not an adventurous eater. I don’t find it easy eating something new though. That’s probably why I like cooking my own food.

I was forcefed a lot growing up. There was weekly timetable for meals. And you always had to eat whatever was available. No questions asked. You get so used to eating rice every Sunday and beans every Tuesday it kind of messes with what you actually like to eat.

I had to figure that out for myself when I went to the university.

Below is a list of my 10 favorite foods. And they are in order.
1. Egusi Soup. I usually prefer it with Foo-foo.
2. Ukwa (breadfruit). With dried fish of course.
3. Fried rice with salad and chicken.
4. Oha Soup. With fresh cassava meal.
5. Freshly cooked vegetable soup with Semovita.
6. Unripe plantain porridge with dried fish.
7. Instant noodles and boiled egg.
8. Bread, fried eggs and tea.
9. Beans with roasted plantain.
10. White rice, tomato stew and fried fish.

There you have it.

Day 11 of 30 days blogging challenge for August.


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