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Best Trip of my life?

Day 10 of 30 days blogging challenge for August.

I have taken a lot of trips in my life but mostly going to and fro a couple of places. I don’t find any of them particularly interesting.

They were mostly characterized by my butt aching from sitting in a cramped bus, or my legs hurting from lack of legroom. The available one packed full of luggage and goods. Have you ever travelled in a cattle truck before? Well, I haven’t. But that’s how I feel every time I’m travelling.

I don’t find trips interesting for that reason. I see them as something to be endured. There is nothing fun in travelling by bus on a six hour journey with only a half-hour break in-between  or a four hour long one. I’ve only ever travelled by bus.

Maybe when I get my own car, I can make it more interesting. As of now, I’m yet to have a trip worth remembering.


2 thoughts on “Best Trip of my life?

  1. I like your humour! I can certainly relate to the butt aching long journey and the driver still trying to fit one more passenger in…

    It gets better though. having one own car does make a huge difference especially with long trip.


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