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My favorite childhood book

I know I started reading from a tender age. Mostly school books before the story books with black and white illustrations. Then there were the religious books, hymn books, missal, and of course the children’s Bible where I saw colored illustrations for the first time.

But then when I went to boarding house at 10, I saw a whole lot of different books. My school was a federal school. So there were a whole lot of people from different backgrounds and States. People who had gone to private school all their lives and who probably already had their own library by then.

My first finds were the ladybird series. They were these very compact books with shiny paper. The covers were always very colorful. One particular girl on my class had a collection of it. Not quite a complete one though because I read everything She had and still there were other titles on the back of it I hadn’t seen yet.

Then came the Enid Blyton series. This one always got me into trouble a lot of times. I would be reading in class while a teacher was teaching, I would read in the dining hall placing it on my laps, took it to church too to read once the priest started his sermon (in my defence it was always boring lulling lots of the students to sleep).

Then there was the period of purely literary books – The Lion and the Jewel, Bottled Leopard, Silas Marner, Robinson Crusoe, Without a Silver Spoon. These were all really important books for me at that time.

But then I discovered Mills & Boons and my reading experience became something else. Something that I can’t quite talk about now.

But of my childhood days, I had no particular favorite books but I would read all the Enid Blyton books I could find over and over again.

Does that make them my favorite books then?

Well, you be the judge.

Day 12 of 30 days blogging challenge for August.


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