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We read too dammit.

I’m not going to cry marginalization before I read the Amazon policy (and I’m never going to read it anyway so that point is moot).

It hurts too. Especially when it’s not even free. We pay just fine.

I guess I should just pay the Scribd subscription. I wonder if some of their titles are regional based.

What’s a girl gotta do to read a book online?!!!!

Current Issues

Global Hand washing Day

On October 15, the world will celebrate Global Hand Washing Day. This day is set aside annually to promote awareness on the importance of hand washing with soap/ash. Hand washing with soap/ash is a simple, effective and affordable way of preventing diseases and saving lives. It is reported that by just hand washing, many diseases and infant mortality is reduced significantly. Support hand-washing with soap/ash after using toilets and before eating.

Sent by ureport, an sms-based platform that enables Nigerians to participate in policy-making, governance and access information on key social issues. It was launched by UNICEF.

Ekiti, Nigeria.


Happy Easter


The Lord is risen, Alleluia!

So today is Easter Sunday.
Here’s me wishing everyone one of you a very happy Easter.

If you’re not celebrating Easter, happy holidays!

I’ll love to read about your celebrations.