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Whatever makes you happy

Day 20 of 30 days blogging challenge for August.
On some level or another, we all strive for happiness. It’s not an entitlement of a particular class. It’s something we each have to define for ourselves. Most people probably don’t give it a great deal of thought on a daily basis but what’s the point of living unhappy. Like they say, life’s short.

Every time I get asked β€œWhat makes you happy?”, I actually have to think about it. Why is that? Do we change or does our happiness change us? Do we even want to be happy?

I’ve read about people who savor their sadness and frustrations and probably welcome it so that they can blame the world for their misfortunes. There’s probably an English word for that but the phrase that define such people in my local dialect is “iburu ogbenye, iburu amusu” which loosely translates to “being poor and a witch too.

Anyway, happiness is a state of mind. You can wake up some days with a huge smile on your face. Until the witches (bitches too) awake. Some days are just pure downers. On such days I feel like I should go back to bed and wake up on the right side of the bed.

When that doesn’t work, these simple tricks have worked for me on occasion. Take it with a grain of salt.

> Fried Chicken and a bottle of red. I once stole two bottles of red wine from my dad’s stash (don’t tell!) back when I was in the university but my boyfriend wouldn’t let me drink it. He had to run out to town to buy some fried chicken. Honestly since then I can’t have one without (at least thinking about) the other. Oh, my! Instant happiness. Of course it has a downside. You don’t wanna know.

>Instant noodles with barbecued meat. Well, suya exactly. And red peppers. And lots of onions. And wash it down with a tall bottle of soda. Orobo coca-cola. Jesu! The weight of the food can instantly drown out the negative thoughts. I’ll be all smiles and giddy.

>Movie Marathon. A huge bowl of popcorn and groundnut helps. When that runs out then biscuits. Then whatever the hell else I don’t have to cook. And please do not talk to me during this period. I’m serious. Don’t even try it.

Of course it seems my pursuit of happiness ends in food. I’m sure there’s a word for me or maybe even a diagnosis. When all else fails, (they’ve never failed though) well, maybe a sex marathon would help. But I’d rather not do that. C’est too complicated. Pardon my French.

I guess all these means, happiness can only come from within. Don’t depend on anybody to make you happy.

Whatever makes you happy, ok?


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