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Tribute to a Mad Woman

There once lived an old mad woman
Who had all her worldly possessions in a bag
That she carried on her head at all times
She loved to stand on the road
And direct the traffic
On a narrow road
In a little town
She was more nuisance than anything else
Made drivers swerve like crazy
To avoid hitting her
Cos she just stood right there
In the middle of this narrow road
Right at that point where you round the corner
Until one day
Her luck ran out
And there was a driver who couldn’t stop
Not in enough time
Not in enough time to avoid hitting her
And so she came flying up in the air
And up she went
And then she was falling
And falling
And then she lands on the side of the road
So did her bag of possessions
But the car still did not stop
It continued on it’s merry way
And there she lay
Just like she was taking a nap.
And the sun shone hard
And the rain fell heavily
There she laid still
And no one came to her rescue

48 hours later
And there she lays


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