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What’s in my bag?

Day 9 of 30 days blogging challenge for August .

I don’t go out much since I relocated. I teach at a school across the road from my house so I don’t carry much things around. The following though are what you’ll always find in my bag:

1. My ID card: I carry two at all times – NYSC Id and my University Alumni Association Id. The first is the most important because my only business in this State is as a corps member. And it carries some weight because it’s also a national Id and kind of popular. I usually leave the National ID at home unless specifically needed. And I only carry the Alumni ID because they’re in the same pouch.

2. My Smartphone: I’m usually holding it in my hand but when I’m not it’ll definitely be in my bag. I don’t think I can go anywhere without my phone.

3. Cash: I never go anywhere without some amount of cash even if it’s just across the street. You can never tell what you’ll need.

4. Debit card(s): Despite always having cash, you can never tell when you’ll need more than what you have on you. Or to make a quick transaction online. I always have two active Debit cards at all times and one of them with me all the time.

5. My Iman Compact Powder: I usually have the need to powder up on occasions. I do not like my face to get so oily. And of course to check for veggies in my teeth if someone looks at me funny. 😛😛😛😛

6. A pen: You can’t be a teacher and not have a pen. I can’t borrow a pen from a student to give her a bad grade. That’ll be taking it too far. I think one of my teachers used to do that. And I love writing in long hand. It helps me articulate better.

7. Hand Lotion: It’s usually very hot here. Up to upper 90s on most days. I should feel clammy but my palms sometimes get so dry. I like to moisturize in such conditions.

8. My Keys: Well, who doesn’t need to carry keys?


12 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

      1. Why do you have to give it a name? Now it sounds so boring. And dorky. My friends used to find it magical how my lips are still shiny at the end of the day. Now they know why. I’m boring. 😭😭😭

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