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My 5 favorite songs

Day 7 of 30 days blogging Challenge for August

I’m a music person. I listen to a wide range of music to suit my mood or just to try out something new. I hear a track I like on the radio or even on the speakers in the market and I download it. So, to select only 5 songs out of all my favorite ones? Difficult. But doable.

And to up the fun level, let’s make it a countdown.


At No.5 we have Money on my Mind by Sam Smith. Truth is I never heard of Sam Smith till I read this post when it was Freshly Pressed last year. I downloaded all his songs I could find. For free. They were all wonderful but surprising enough it was this track that stuck with me.


At No. 4 we have Backstreet Boys with Flying without wings. This song goes way back with me. As far back as maybe 2004. Back when phones weren’t common with Nigerian teens. I was in my first year of senior secondary. It was and still is memorable because not only did I have to buy AA batteries to listen to it on my classmate’s Walkman during break periods, I had to pause and play a lot at intervals to be sure of what they were saying and pencil it down. Thanks to music apps with lyrics that era is over.


At No. 3 by Sia is Elastic Heart. I have no idea who Sia is or what she looks like or even half of what the song says. I have no idea how the song got on my phone. It’s possible one of my friends shared it with me. But I loved it the first time I heard it and it’s stayed ever since and made the move through a couple change of devices.


At No. 2 we have Ellie Goulding with Love me Like you do. Well I’m not a big follower of new music. I listen to whatever I like old or new. I first heard this track in Fifty Shades of Grey. Oh! My! God! It was the perfect accompaniment for that helicopter ride. Just the music made me rewind that part of the movie. That and the suspense of course. I mean they were heading somewhere. Anyway let’s not get too carried away. The lyrics and her voice just kills me. The song was in my head for days before I had to seek it out. I can’t play it without replaying that scene. Naughty. 😜😝


And topping the list at No. 1 is my all-time favorite


Beautiful Day by U2. Waking up to this song can definitely change the outlook of my day. I can have it on repeat all day long. I found the song in a soft rock collection I got from a friend of mine back in school in 2010. Funny enough I don’t know anything about that band and never heard anything else from them. I should seek them out. Who knows? I might find sth I like.

You can watch the video here

That’s it fellas. I’ll see you guys next week on the top 5 show.



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