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20 facts You Should Know About Me

Day 2 of 30 days blogging challenge for August

This is a list of 20 facts about me. It’s in no way exhaustive.


1. I come from a very Catholic family. A little less highhanded now we’re no longer kids.

2. I have three younger sisters but I’ve always wanted an older brother.

3. I rarely call my mother even though I love her and she’s the best mum in the whole world. She always believes I (should?) call her only when I want something from her. I don’t call her for her own good. Less worry for her.


4. I got admitted to university at 16. I used to think that was pretty special until another girl was admitted who wasn’t even 16 yet. Talk about premature babies skipping grades.


5.I have a bachelor’s in Public Administration but I think I should have been a lawyer. Or a policy
advocate. Or an ambassador.

6. I’ve only ever had 3 female friends I confide in. I didn’t used to be a very confiding person. And one’s getting married soon.

7. My parents don’t understand me. They don’t understand why I don’t want what they want for me – get a job, get married, have kids. I want more than that out of life. What else is new?

8. I’m a romantic at heart but I have a distrust for anyone who offers that. That shit ain’t real. Yeah, I know. Very messed up.

9. I feel like I was born in the wrong country. Or in the wrong century.

10. I love to read. Mostly fiction. I can read anything. Except maybe a college science paper.

11. I bought my first laptop over a year ago to learn graphics but I’m yet to start. I’m lazy that way.

12. I can stay up all night watching movies and shows but try to pray a half-hour and I fall asleep.

13. I’m enjoying living alone. I’ve dreamed about it a long, long time.

14. How can anyone want to have only two? I want to have 5 kids. Anybody else thinks that’s a lot? Get in line!

15. I’m working towards starting my own business by the end of my service year. Wish me luck.


16. In my spare time, I make bead jewelry and bags. I have a plan to turn it into a money making venture.

17. I’m a very good cook. My momma taught me well.

18. I haven’t accomplished half the things I planned to accomplish at 25.

19. I have no idea why I’m blogging. I just like doing it.

20. I sometimes get scared about what the future holds for me. Anyone else feels that way?


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