Day 1 of the 30 days blogging challenge for August

Let’s talk about my blog name.

I don’t think I’ve thought about the significance of my blog name until now. I started my blog the day I came across a review of WordPress and I didn’t really think deep about the significance of a blog name. I named it that and haven’t looked back since.

But why Blaq?
Blaq isn’t my given name. Far from it. Right from my childhood, I was called different variations of it – blackie, blacky, black, black girl. It all revolved around my skin color. That’s a lot for people to call you that when you’re living in a black country.

And like my white boyfriend tried to take offence on my behalf, it isn’t racist where I come from. We’re all black here. Some darker than others. It was a way to differentiate me from the rest. You could even call it special. Afterall, black is beautiful.

I got called that a lot in university that I unconsciously adopted the name for myself in the form of blaq when I made it my Facebook name.

That’s all it is. My blog name is a proclamation of who I am to the world.


I feel her

3 thoughts on “I AM BLAQ: MY blog name

  1. Reminds me of something Tyrion said to Jon Snow (tell me you watch GOT please).

    “Never forget who you are. Wear it like a cloak, because the world will never forget.”

    That’s a lot like saying “own yourself”. I like that you do that 🙂

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