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Break a leg day 2


Turns out I didn’t. Have a good sleep last night I mean. I was really running crazy. Couldn’t sleep from the pain. It was just too much for me. I think I just surpassed my pain threshold. The pills weren’t working. Not even close. It was so bad I had to untie the bandage. I think it was too tight. I knew my ankle would be swollen in the morning but I preferred to get some sleep. I’ll think about my ankle in the morning.

And I did. My neighbours, especially my fellow corps members, came to check on me in the morning. All 8 of them at one time or another starting from as early as 6am.

One cooked breakfast for me – instant noodles and boiled egg; another swept my room; another prepared my bath water, another got me something stronger for the pain and the last of them massaged the ankle and retied the bandages again. Then I was left all alone. They all had to be somewhere.

While I still can’t walk (I hop on the good foot), I feel better than I did yesterday. I got doctors in the house. Friends too. Let’s see what the day holds.


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