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The day after


I got a couple hundred birthday wishes on Facebook, less than that in actuality but then no one has a thousand friends outside Facebook. Or do you?

That's me

Anyway, despite my lack of celebration, it was a wonderful day. When we got back from CDS (it’s a weekly compulsory thingy for Corps Members), Lizzy, friend and senior corps member, cooked a delicious fish jollof rice with hardboiled egg which she served with a bottle of Malt drink.


So in essence we had us a little indoor party in her apartment and then topped it off with moviefest. We watched 3 movies – Matilda, Next Friday and Pitch Perfect 2.


Did I mention how great this was? There was no electricity. She had to turn on her generator just so we could watch movies well into the night.

It wasn’t the birthday I dreamed of but it was much better than I prepared for.

And thanks to everybody that wished me well. May you all get your wishes. I love you all.


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