Another birthday comes along. I’m just reblogging my birthday post from last year because most of the points raised are still true. I’m a year older though.



Today I turn 24. I had in mind to reflect on what i had hoped to achieve and what I actually did achieve. But I’m in a bad mood (sort of), I’m sick and all alone at home. Instead I’m going to reminisce about birthday things that has never happened for or to me.

I’ve never gotten a birthday card


Not from lovers. Not from friends. Not from family. Last year, my mum wished me happy birthday on Facebook. And we live in the same house. Go figure!

Never gotten birthday balloons

What am I, 6? But still, a girl can hope, right?


Never had a birthday cake.


At least not one I can remember. I supposedly had a cake when I turned 1 but since I can’t remember it and there are no pictures to prove it, I’m sticking to my story, I’ve never had a birthday cake.


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