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The outside world is still intact

Life in the camp is somewhere sheltered and not necessarily in a bad water. Just a statement of fact. And I say this after being out of camp barely 30 hours. I’m currently lodging at a church family house in my local government of assignation with a couple dozen other people where we’re being provided for.

And I’ve seen the town some. I arrived in camp three weeks ago under the cloud of darkness and this is my first time of seeing the place. I’m yet to be impressed.

Anyway, I’ve reported to my PPA,


a Methodist Girls School with elective boarding facilities. And I’ve been accepted (you could be rejected). And I’ve filed all the necessary paperwork at the zonal Secretariat with some left over for tomorrow.  I may have to go find an apartment that’ll be my home for the next 10 months. Then I’ll have to return home for my entitled two weeks leave to recuperate and regroup before resumption of duty.

One thing is clear though, outside of camp you’re on your own.


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