Camp Affairs, The Future

Camp fire night!!!


You can have fun in camp if you set your mind to. You can also have too much or too little. It’s all about the mindset. And it’s not all about how much money you have to spend in the camp market.


And like I’ve said before. You can also keep busy. I’ve chosen being busy over having fun and the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


The serious part of camp ended Friday night with the camp fire night. It was fun night. At least it was supposed to be. It was probably so for some but it ended too early around eleven. I had expected it to last all night. Or at least till midnight.


There was the cooking competition in which my platoon came second from the back. I wonder who judged that because the food wasn’t bad at all.

Anyway it was supposed to be a big deal because for the first time in history, the Director General of NYSC was present


at our camp fire night. I personally didn’t find that very significant especially as I couldn’t see him through the smoky haze. But it was fun watching the fire burn high. It was over 15 feet high.


You’re probably wondering how fun can watching the fire be, right? Believe me, it was.


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