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Camp’s almost over!!!

The 3-weeks NYSC orientation course would run it’s full course on Monday, 25th May ending with the passing out parade.

It has been an all-round education starting with the physical aspect. Waking up at 3am daily and going to bed after 10pm with a lot of activities in-between is not an easy thing to get used to but I did. I’ve had to do a lot of physical stuff I’ve never done before and will probably never need after camp, used muscles I never knew I had in the first place, woken up aching all over from the previous day’s activities and doing it all over again.

Apart from the morning drills and the parade rehearsals, I joined the volleyball team and also trained for the 100 meters dash. Even though I didn’t qualify for the 100 meters dash and my team lost it’s first and only volleyball game, I’m glad to be involved in something physical.

Another interesting aspect of camp was the skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development program. You get to learn a wide range of skills ranging from construction, agriculture, fashion and design, cosmetology and ICT. I joined the bead jewelry making group and the custom bags group too. It’s been wonderful. I’m proud of what I’ve learnt.

I also love the interaction between people from various ethnic groups and religious backgrounds. You have to see that from the context of a country that has over 250 ethnic groups whose members wear their membership like a badge with differing levels of entitlement and antagonism.

The least interesting is the series of lectures. In two weeks, there’s been over 20 of them. Right now I’m in one. Something to do with drugs and other forms of stimulant. Not all of them are as boring as this but it’s tiring having 5 lectures cramped into 4 hours in this high noon heat.

Camp has been fun and now that it’s coming to an end, it isn’t so regimented. Not that the Camp Commandant would agree with my assessment.

I’m looking forward to camp fire night tomorrow Friday. It’s been promised to be fun!!! 


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