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It’s been a crazy few days

It’s very easy to be idle here in camp and also very easy to be occupied. It’s been a crazy activity-filled few days.

There are lots of classes and lectures and drill and training. I’ve chosen only two to keep me occupied – joining the volleyball team and taking a beading class. My team has a match this afternoon in two hours so keep your prayers for us, ok?

The beading class is really going well and I’ve seen some improvement in just a few days. You’ll be the first to see an actually finished work.

Monday we had the Man O’ War training in full khakis. I only managed to use one apparatus.
And that’s me climbing the rope ladder. I did take photos of others using other apparatuses.

The swinging rope (monkey rope)

You guess what she's doing
Another attempt on the swinging rope
Rope fence





Crossing the rope bridge.

I’ll see you after my game. Hopefully. If we win.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a crazy few days

    1. It’s really great they have it. And not just beading. Fashion designing, making paint and interlocking, baking and food processing, tie/dye, adure and fabric art. Lots of things. Just choose something you’re interested in.

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