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Now that we’re corps members

Sea of orange boots

The swearing in ceremony yesterday has confirmed us as bona fide corps members of the republic. Now we’re full government’s (via the military) bitches. They feed us, cloth us, dictate to us and basically own our asses. That may be hard to adjust especially when you’re to report for morning parade before it’s 5pm. But like they say, life in the camp is regimented.

There are loudspeakers and CCTV cameras all around the camp. Makes me imagine what the Communist societies would have looked like back in the day or George Orwell’s society in

Nineteen Eighty-Four

with Big Brother watching all the time.

There are lots of rules to start with but they don’t seem so hard once you get into the camp life frame of mind. The drills are what I’m having a problem with right now. I hurt all over but I know that too will soon pass.

It may get harder tomorrow. I can already see the Man O’ War instructors setting up their training apparatuses. May God help us. We need it.

Evening drills

Camp State of Mind. 


7 thoughts on “Now that we’re corps members

  1. Congrats on your induction into Regimented Camp life ( not one of my best experiences so far). What camp are you in?
    P.S – Dodging Parade Drill is the best. You’ll enjoy camp so much more. *wink*

    1. I’m in Ekiti camp. I’ve never thought about dodging drills. I quite enjoy it. I only dread the early hours. We were on the parade ground by 4:20am this morning. Can you believe that?

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