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On the third day of…

It’s my third day of camp and I’m starting to look forward to enjoying my stay here. This is a classic case of hoping for the best and expecting the worse but what I’ve got is something in-between and I’m very Ok with that.

There’s electricity most of the time even if there’s no provision for charging your phones and devices in the hostels. You have to pay in the camp market to charge them.

The bathroom/toilet area is not as bad as I envisioned. It’s definitely better than boarding school days. You still gotta bath outside in open-air corrugated sheets enclosed area with about 11 other people at a time. You don’t wanna know what I expected if this is cool with me.

I’m yet to put up my mosquito net because there’s surprisingly been no mosquitoes the past two nights. I’ve had more peaceful albeit shorter sleep two nights in a row. Maybe it’s the cool weather. It’s get as low as 76° here at night as opposed to the upper 90s we had back at home.

The swearing in ceremony is about to commence with the State governor presiding over the conferring of honours by the state judge making us officially corper.

First look


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