TEE’s TIPZ on NYSC Camp survival.

I already feel like changing my mind about going. If only I had a choice. 🙂


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Camp is on TUESDAY???? No, don’t panic… We have tips that’ll help you survive the weeks away from comfort.. No, I haven’t been there but Tee has… So as always, we’ve got you covered.
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 I see you guys are excited about NYSC orientation camp. Don’t be! Really, don’t!
When people ask me about my camp experience, I just say it was different. It wasn’t fun like everyone makes it out to be, but it wasn’t that bad either. It was just a really different experience.
I won’t tell you my experience, you might want an exemption. I’ll just give you a few tips to help you stay alive. It’s like the hunger games in there and I’m not even kidding.
Pack light! You will frog jump with your box on your head. You don’t want to…

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