No time like now

I have been composing this post since Sunday but time gets away from you if you don’t make good use of it. I had a very long weekend starting from close of work Friday to late afternoon Sunday.

At close of work Friday, I boarded a connecting bus that would take me to the park for a direct bus to my hometown. I’m not really a fan of home this season but Mum got a catering gig for a church celebration on Sunday and needed help. So off I went. Dad and my little brother had already gone ahead with Mum.

I didn’t get to do much Friday night cos I got in late -past 7p- except prepare and serve dinner. My brother did the little dishes.

Saturday was another election at the state and local government level so I didn’t go anywhere. Not even to vote. My parents had gone out to vote and my brother had gone out to play and I was alone at home. Exactly how I like it. I got about four hours of well-deserved sleep. Well-deserved because I had a really stressful week.

But I didn’t only sleep. I got to work practicing my craft. I was able to finish these in four hours.



It wasn’t till early evening that the real work started with the catering stuff near the church. For my part, all I did was wash the food coolers (all 32 of them), the dishes (almost 400 of them), spoons and other equipments I should call them, and then towel-dry them. Believe me when I say it wasn’t an easy task by any means. But I got to go home and sleep in my bed afterwards. My Mum and her two assistants slept on site.

Then came Sunday. I just helped to sort everything out and clean up the equipments used because the food was all ready. Then I went home and prepared for mass.It was a long mass. The occasion was the Golden Jubilee Celebration of our Former Parish Priest who was also going into retirement. And his book launch also.

Gladly, everything went as planned and everyone ate and made merry. It was a very colorful celebration.

The gift presented to the priest on the occasion of his fifty years of priesthood.

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