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Nigeria: A New Beginning

You can understand the reason every­one has been apprehensive and pessimis­tic about the general elections of 2015: Tension had run high, almost to boiling point, pre-election and electioneering periods. There were threats of violence, and blood had actually flowed freely during the campaigns. Even a couple of days to D-Day, violence and all kinds of brigandage held sway. We must also not forget the hate campaigns, the mudsling­ing and all the brickbats that went into the just concluded polls.

Then, there was the famous prediction by the Americans, of a Nigeria break up in 2015, due to anticipated violent dusts expected to be precipitated by disagree­ments and schisms from the election, which the Americans believed would eventually lead to the alleged balkanisa­tion of the republic!

Mercifully, it didn’t happen. And the world has not stopped celebrating and being jubilant. Nigerians, who were expecting a combustion and implo­sion, are shocked at the dramatic turn of events. God must, indeed, be a Nigerian. Don’t let anyone fool anyone: It wasn’t essentially the miracle of the card reader machines, the efficiency or magic of Attahiru Jega and his men, or the super-efficiency of the cops and other security agencies, tried, as we should admit, they all have. Since March 28, I choose to place our success at the polls at the doorsteps of Almighty God, touching the hearts of men (Nigerians) and using them to achieve the seemingly unachiev­able. And so be it. Because, think for a moment, supposing Jonathan had failed to concede defeat and congratulated the winner?
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