10 common misconceptions about Africa

I found a kindred spirit on WordPress.

candid Ideas

I am African. A full blooded Nigerian for that matter. I’m Igbo by origin, Yoruba by birth and was bred in the North. I have traveled to several countries in Africa so I think I have a pretty clear idea of how we live as Africans. I have always listened with incredulity to the complaints of my friends who live abroad about the ignorance of some people and the unbelievably common misconceptions about Africa and Africans. I would really like to correct that here.
The media (this includes hollywood) often portrays this continent in a very inaccurate manner; spinning salacious yarns that have little or no bearing on the continent. Yes, like every other country, we have destitute people, hungry people, sick people that the government cannot fully cater for and our fair share of criminals but this does not in any way mean that we live in the stone…

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3 thoughts on “10 common misconceptions about Africa

  1. Thank you for reposting this! I shared it as well. It is ridiculous how single focused perceptions can be, due to what they read and hear. When I see or hear things, I want to learn more, and this brings it! It actually made me laugh at some of the dumb stuff people say!

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