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So we have a new President

Ten minutes ago, I was awoken by a call from my manager from work. Guess what the topic was. Of course it wasn’t work-related because working hour has been over for four hours. What then? She wanted to know if I had heard. Heard what? The results of the Presidential election. Because “she doesn’t understand what the newspeople were saying”. And would only believe what I said because I was always updated on the news.

It turned out that I had slept past the hour of the announcement. I understood that she was genuinely worried and I promised to text her the results when I confirmed it. She was very grateful.

OK, now, how to confirm the news. Tv was out because there was no electricity. Facebook was also out. Too much fake news. Everyone is a newscaster. I went on to the internet and searched for “breaking news Nigeria election” and got tons of search results as expected.

But what I did not expect was this (even though I should have been prepared for it) :

Election commission declares victory for former military ruler, Muhammadu Buhari, over incumbent Goodluck Jonathan.

You can read the full details here and here.

This is still unbelievable.


2 thoughts on “So we have a new President

  1. May this change bring good things for your country. I have been trying to catch up, so I still don’t know if this is a good thing for you. However, any ending of an election without violence is a good thing.

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