#Naija Elections, #Africa

Nigeria’s Presidential election – this sums it up nicely without prejudice.


In a couple of hours presidential elections will start in the most populous country in Africa. This is important because whoever becomes president will have to deal with Boko Harm, govern the biggest democracy and economy on the continent. The main contenders are, the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan and his contender Muhammadu Buhari a former military leader of Nigeria. The campaign for the elections has not been about who is going to make the country better and how, it has been more about ethnicity. Once again people in the north- who are mostly muslims and hausa- still feel that the southern leaders don’t take care of them as they do those in the south, so they want Buhari. Those in the South can’t lose Jonathan because they also fear that, when Buhari comes into power he will be trying to take care of his people more than them. All these fears…

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