Bon Anniversaire

Yesterday was my parents’ 25th anniversary.  Great news, right? I’m sure you think so too. In the typical way of men, my dad didn’t even remember, not even when Mom added it in our Morning prayer point, thanking God for the journey of the past 25 years.

Anyway, one thing I realized yesterday was that marriage really takes two people to work. I think the marriages of the old rooted in mutual respect for each other (not the fickle love of today) worked a whole lot better than our contemporary marriages.

My dad had only seen my mom once when she came into his shop in the market to buy some clothes before he started making inquiries about her and her family. Turned out he had gone to school with her eldest brother. He then went to ask her parents for her hand in marriage and then completed all the necessary traditional marriage rites within days. That was on New Year’s Eve of ’88. They then sealed their marriage by exchanging their vows before God nine months later, which was exactly 25 years yesterday.

It was a very fruitful journey producing six offsprings – four girls and two boys – while still waxing strong. I wish them many more years together and I look forward to their 50th.

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad.




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  1. Hi CoCo,
    Your dad does not seem too happy with the camera. What man likes posing for a photo anyway? In this time it’s amazing anyone can stay married 25 years. My grandparents were married 62 years. How can you look at the same cranky person for so long? They call it love, I think it becomes something else. What do I know? I’ve only been married going on 14 years. I wish them many happy years together.

    How are you? Has the scare of E. Virus and violence calmed down? I haven’t heard anything more. Hope that means all is better. Take care. Drop a line when you can.

    I started a new collaborative with a couple of blogging buddies. Check us out, We’re still under construction but looking good. I would appreciate any feedback you have on site. We’re still tweaking. Have a great day. 🙂

    1. Thanks a lot, Warrior. As always your comment lifts my spirit. Thank you for your good wishes for my parents.

      Nigeria has currently being declared Ebola free with no active case but a lot of secondary contacts still under surveillance. About 400 of them in the two affected cities. It’s good news. We just have to watch our ports carefully.
      And schools resume on Monday. Great news.

      1. CoCo,
        Schools without the girls? Stabs me in the heart. I know God has a purpose but us mortals don’t always see the plan. It breaks my heart, I’m tearing up now. I get so angry and have nowhere to direct it. I don’t understand who radical Islamics decided so long ago that paradise was for their terrible deeds. It’s been going on since Muhammad died. If my understanding is correct. It all happened around the Crusades when the Christians started attacking their villages. I understand get pissed off defend your territory. I have a hard time following the line to todays terrorist. I was happy to Iran’s president speak out against the acts of ISIS and their actions are not based on the teachings of the Quran. I’ve been interested in World Religion since high school. I find it fascinating to learn the history, just as I still find learning the history of the Bible blows me away in todays terms. Sorry I’m dumping on you with religious stuff, I just want the girls to come home and everyday they don’t it seems less likely their families will them again. They must be going crazy with fear for their children. I can’t even imagine. I don’t have children and I cry for them. A parents pains must go so much deeper.

        On a brighter note, are still dating the American blogger I meet? I ask a lot of questions, only because I feel we are friends.

        Take care. Please keep me posted on any developments on the girls.


      1. Dearest CoCo
        I’m so glad to hear you are doing well. I knew school would keep you very busy. You were on my mind and wanted to check in. I hope life is treating you well. Please let me know if I can help in anyway. My hand is reached out, take it if you need me.
        Hugs 🙂

  2. Congratulations to your parents. A lot of hard work has definitely gone into making them work and stay together for such a long time. Also wishing them many more years together.

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