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Random Quote #3

The darkness lives in all of us



6 thoughts on “Random Quote #3

  1. Dearest CoCo,
    I think of you often and pray you and your family are safe. So much has changed in Nigeria in the short time we’ve known each other. I haven’t heard anything about the girls in a while. Any progress? My heart breaks for them and their families.

    Yes, we all have the darkness inside some more than others. I’m so happy your snappy loving personality shines bright.
    🙂 🙂 M

    1. I’m sorry to say there isn’t any progress yet. The issue has actually being relegated to the back and replaced in urgency by the Ebola virus fever.

      While I’m well enough, the economy really isn’t. School resumption has been postponed. Markets and banks are on alert. And publishers? Well they’re not finding things funny. I should know, I’m in publishing.

      Thanks for your concern, Warrior. It’s well appreciated.

      1. Hi CoCo,
        Are you saying school is not starting on time due to health/violence? It’s a shame that the media here isn’t talking about Ebola now. Focus moves from what the military is doing and who is striking whom. Terrorism is a huge concern here. They have discovered a state with a large population of Somalians and Sudanese and there aren’t many jobs so they are being recruited to mostly fight in Syria. Why can’t everyone get along? I’m 51 and I don’t remember this level of violence when I was younger. I know several of the turf wars started before I was born but not with this level of violence.

        I’m heart broken the girls or any of the girls has not been found. I hold out hope but my gut worries about them being violated. What is going to stop men who has no problem killing to direct attention towards the girls? Any talk on the streets?

        Has the Ebola quit spreading or still spreading? Does Nigeria have the resources to provide medical care for people infected?

        Sorry for all the questions, the media doesn’t even mention these things. I have embraced Nigeria and I’m not getting any information.

        Is your family well? What do you do in publishing? I didn’t know what your profession was, just knew you were a student. Write when you can. Know I’m thinking about you and the country as a whole. Hugs.

      2. Your concern shines through loud and clear. I guess I should have been making updates but I’ve been away from here a few weeks now.

        To answer what i can, schools are not resuming until the Ebola virus is eliminated or properly managed. There’s a tentative date of October 13th but with health issue, it can’t be cast in stone.

        Nigeria has proven to be quite capable of handling this and personally I’m surprised. Aside from the initial lack of information and misinformation on the disease, the virus has been under control relatively. There’s only been about a score confirmed infected with only about 6 recorded deaths. A half dozen or so have been reportedly released after treatment. So far, only in 3 out of 36 states have the over hundred secondary contacts (who have been quarantined) been gathered from.

        The girls are another story. A long one really woven in conspiracies and subject to political machinations. That would require a full post.

      3. Dearest CoCo,
        Thanks for the update. I’m glad to hear the Health Dept. is capable of taking care of the virus. At least one department is working right? I knew the girls would be a long story. They weigh heavy on my mind. It bears tears actually. Write when you get a chance. Know I’m thinking about you. Hope life is treating you well.
        Hugs 🙂 M

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