Oh God, let this Ebola virus cup pass over us

A week ago, the The Sun back page column with the above title went viral nationwide. I’m only just beginning to understand the enormity of the spread of Ebola virus in this country. It’s even much more worrying as it has spread to the Southeast which is my region. A part of the article said that

…it would be unfair for the Good Lord to allow the Ebola Virus Disease to berth in our country. How can God let Ebola into the country when our doctors are on strike? In a country where maternal death is still a major challenge? Where malaria has continued to kill us the same way it did to Mungo Park and his people nearly two centuries ago? How can God allow Ebola to enter a country where, by culture, we do not disclose the cause of deaths beyond the usual “after a brief illness”? A country where relatives of the dead regularly call up editors to rain curses on them for reporting that their dead died of cancer (despite that the report was correct)? You’d almost think cancer was some abominable disease.

Since the doctors aren’t available to offer advice, here are my simple preventive measures.

Good bye to shaking hands.

Goodbye to hugging.

And definitely No Kissing.

Like they said, “the fear of Ebola is the beginning of longevity”.

We’ll probably all die anyway but may it not be of Ebola.



8 thoughts on “Oh God, let this Ebola virus cup pass over us

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  1. I wish you and your family the very best in such a difficult time my friend. Keep in mind as you have said be weary of contact with anyone who could be infected, bodily fluids, saliva, etc (probably advice you already know). Luckily, it is not airborne. My thoughts are with you 🙂

  2. Hello my friend,
    We could all ask God why. Why are children starving? Why are people dying from malaria? Why don’t people have drinking water? Why are endangered animals being killed? We could go on and on.

    For those of faith, regardless of religion, we have to walk blindly on our faith. It doesn’t take the pain away,it doesn’t make our understanding less confusing. It’s in our blood as humans to take the next step. Educate, take precautions, read more than one opinion and not a media’s take on things. A medical take on what we all need to do. Then we do what we have done since the very beginning of time, put one foot in front of another.

    You’re very right my friend, we all die and does it really matter how. I’m thinking of you. I pray you and family are educated on the precautions, then keep living. Life would not shine as bright without your smile.

  3. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. It does seem as if Africa and her countries cannot catch a break. Make sure you have bleach on hand and clean everything that comes into the house. I went to do some research for you and I am seeing all of these warnings that the airlines are taking it seriously but are not doing any real preventive measures or screenings. I am considering canceling my flight later this month and driving. As it was said above, essentially, fear of Ebola is the key to longevity.

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