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100 days in captivity


Yesterday marked the 100th day in captivity for the school girls abducted from Chibok, Borno State, Nigeria. I can’t believe it’s been that long. We tend to forget or lose track of these things especially when there are more buffeting and immediate problems.

Three days ago, there was a total of 4 bombings in the country – two in Kaduna, one each in Borno and Yobe I think, killing almost a hundred people and injuring scores others. Two days ago there was another in Kano state. There was probably another somewhere yesterday. I didn’t comb through the news.

There hasn’t been one incident free week in Nigeria since the abduction of these girls. But that does not excuse relegating these girls to the background.

The President had a closed door meeting with the abducted girls’ parents. I do not know the outcome. A while back I heard all the girls were awarded scholarships to any Nigerian university of their choice. Seriously? When they’re not only still being held, but the government does not know where they are. Sometimes, I wonder the kind of advisors this government has. Yeah, that helps the parents a lot.

I cannot imagine being out of touch with my parents for over three months. So I can’t imagine how these girls would be feeling especially as they have it worse.

It’ll be a miracle if these girls ever get found and returned to their parents but all I can do is hope and pray for their eventual return. And until then, I’ll keep their memory fresh and alive. I hope you do too.



17 thoughts on “100 days in captivity

  1. I reblogged to my site. We have to keep people’s eyes open to what is happening and think how the girls must feel. Is there a general optimism they’re still alive?
    I pray they come home soon. Their young minds are now forever changed by violence. So sad and heart wrenching for the parents.
    Have a great weekend. 🙂

    1. As far as optimism goes, there isn’t much of it. But as with all cases of uncertainty, you can’t help but hope. They’re still being put in prayers nationwide. It’s all we can do to hope and pray.

  2. Reblogged this on Because I can… and commented:
    My blog is about positive change and I am hoping that by re blogging and reminding people about these girls to keep in the prayers and thoughts of others that good can come of it. It never hurts to think of others and pray for their recovery. May God show mercy on them and bring them home.

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