Blowing in the wind

For a while, I’ve felt like I was just being swept along by the wave or lost in the crowd, with no definite path on my mind. And I wonder now why that is so. I can’t seem to find the inside of me. I must have to find the answers I seek elsewhere. Where? I don’t know yet. But I will soon.


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    1. Emotional eater, huh? When you put it like that it sounds so interesting. I do the occasional lunch date with myself but maybe I’ll try the music in my ears.

  1. CoCo,
    Its common at your age to get introspective. Who am I? What do I want to do, stay in school, get married, move to another country, freshen up my wardrobe, and on and on. The best way for me to answer those questions when they arise is to get alone. Spend whatever amount of time you need to visualize your life five years from now, 10 years from now. What do I really want to do for a living? What’s my second choice? If those two can’t happen, what can I do to move me closer to my goals? During the alone time, don’t force yourself to write. Relax, walk around looking at the beauty of nature. Let your mind clear of the daily things going on in there. The first time you write very little or nothing at all. Our minds are crammed with so many things to do, noise, life, we have to step out of that. Look deep in your heart and be honest with yourself. Don’t base your goals on what family obligations you feel. This is strictly you. After you have applied to all aspects of your life, you are better prepared to reach goals without other obligations being a priority. You are young CoCo, what you’re experiencing is very normal. The people who have an outline are better prepared when the wind blows you over. Hugs.

      1. Clearing your head shouldn’t be looked at as work. It’s called soul searching. If you don’t clear your mind you can’t hear the inner you. Your subconscious can’t come out. You’ve never cleared your mind of all thought?


      2. Try, if you want to answer the questions you have to know where to start. Someone like you has potential to do many careers in life. Making good money. You see where I’m going. πŸ™‚

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