Today I turn 24. I had in mind to reflect on what i had hoped to achieve and what I actually did achieve. But I’m in a bad mood (sort of), I’m sick and all alone at home. Instead I’m going to reminisce about birthday things that has never happened for or to me.

I’ve never gotten a birthday card


Not from lovers. Not from friends. Not from family. Last year, my mum wished me happy birthday on Facebook. And we live in the same house. Go figure!

Never gotten birthday balloons

What am I, 6? But still, a girl can hope, right?


Never had a birthday cake.


At least not one I can remember. I supposedly had a cake when I turned 1 but since I can’t remember it and there are no pictures to prove it, I’m sticking to my story, I’ve never had a birthday cake.

And as a result, I’ve never had to blow out candles


No birthday presents


How I’ve longed for those presents wrapped up in shiny paper. Still do. But alas it’s not meant to be, huh?

Last but not the least
No birthday party!


I heard you correctly, I had one for my first birthday. Well, I still don’t believe you as do I the cake. I HAVE NEVER HAD A BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!


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  1. First of all, happy birthday! I hope you’re enjoying/you enjoyed your special day.

    Second, I also hope that someone gives you all the things that you’ve missed out on so far. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ve got a lot of birthdays ahead of you and that you’ll definitely be given a card, cake, and birthday party.

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I so admire your honesty and am truly sorry you’ve never experienced the birthday you’ve dreamt of. My birthday wish for you is that all of the things you wrote about come true for you because, even though we’ve just met through our blogs, I know you deserve them. May this day bring you kindness, joy and an outpouring of love. Diane

    1. Thank you very much, Diane for your kind wishes. Sadly I have 6 and half hours for my birthday to be officially over. One day, I’m going to have all these even if I have to gift it to myself.

  3. hey, baby… the words “happy birthday,” or a cake and balloons at a party, or even the presents are not what really matters. They are nice, but what a person really needs is what all those things are supposed to represent: recognition of being loved, of being remembered, of being thought of as someone who matters and who makes life special … and it breaks my heart to think you’ve gone 24 years without feeling that, because i’ve been with you only about 10 months, and i can tell you you’re worthy of all that and a lot more.
    I’m really sorry that you’re not at least receiving these basic things from your family. I can honestly say that i do not understand that at all. Maybe they were not raised in a family that taught open expressions of love; maybe your parents are showing you love by trying to prepare you for a hard world – trying so hard, in fact, that they’ve overlooked their own responsibility or role in making this hard world a little less hard, a little more loving; maybe it’s just a cultural thing… I dunno.
    In any case, you are loved (so, SO loved) by me; you are remembered–i think about you pretty much all day, every day, and I have since the day we met; and you have impacted my life like no other has or, I believe, ever could. I am so grateful that I get to be the one to show you the love, affection and recognition you deserve.
    Thank you, baby, for opening your heart to receive my love, and for returning it.
    I love you. …and i wish you a very, very happy birthday, and many, many more.

    1. A lot of words said. It’s just a birthday, right? Maybe. Anyway, while I’m not exactly happy how it turned out, I’m glad it did. The next one will be better I’m sure. Thank you for your love. I probably don’t deserve it but know that it’s very much appreciated. I love you too.

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