Soldiers Gone Wild: The Nigerian Situation

I was going to make a post on the series of terror attacks around the country this week until I saw this photo


on the front page of the Saturday Sun with the caption SOLDIERS GONE WILD.

Incase you can’t read the news here, I’ll highlight the significant aspects.
1. A soldier was riding a bike on the highway.
2. A BRT (State Rapid Mass Transit Scheme) bus left its designated lane and swerved onto another lane.
3. The bus driver hit and allegedly killed the soldier on the bike.
4. Another soldier who apparently was a passenger on the bike (I sincerely doubt this) reported the matter at a nearby barrack.
5. Over a hundred soldiers trooped out of the barrack on to the street and started beating up commuters and vandalizing buses setting more than five buses on fire.


I was outraged (still am) by this news on so many levels. The soldier killed was not on duty. The avengers were not in the same battalion or platoon (or whatever else they call groups in the army) as the victim. This was not a revenge based on solidarity. It was just plain violence.

Besides, soldiers are supposed to be the protectors of lives and property. Instead of channelling all their resources towards ensuring security and safety of citizens they’re the ones terrorizing the people and destroying property.

Boko Haram has given the army a run for their money these past few months. After 81 days, they still haven’t made any headway in locating the abducted girls yet their response time to this issue was second to none. This tweep

is of the same opinion too.

In addition to vandalism, they beat up traffic officials and police officers that arrived on scene. The police area commander received a slap when he arrived to make inquiries. Mobile phones were confiscated from passers-by especially the ones trying to take pictures. Even members of the press on scene were accosted and their equipments destroyed.

Soldiers have on numerous occasions gunned down civilians on highways for as little as not shaking their hands (figuratively) and as much as running from checkpoints. They have caused numerous accidents on highways around the country. You do not see civilians taking up arms against them. Rather they trust the system to punish them. Even when it rarely does. Why then can’t the military do the same?

I also read that the soldier that was hit did not die. I could not determine If that was true.

I highly doubt he made it but If he somehow did, it wouldn’t be for long what with the doctors on strike but that’s a story for another day.

There are so many things wrong with this country. I would not be surprised if these soldiers go unpunished and the lives lost (unsubstantiated) and property destroyed would be swept under the rug of things that happen. I doubt the Fashola-led Lagos state government would let the destruction of its property worth millions of naira slide.


Like We always ask, Which Way, Naija?

You can read the full articles on
Vanguard, The Tribune and daily times.

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12 thoughts on “Soldiers Gone Wild: The Nigerian Situation

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  1. CoCo. WTF!!!!!!!! Are you ok? Do you live in a safe area if there is such a thing. I’m shocked but not sure why. It’s the same reason we’ve passed 81 days with no girls returned home. I hope this doesn’t go down like what is happening in so many countries, complete lack of leadership. How in the hell does this guy think he’s getting another try at office? I don’t think our idea of leadership is different. If I may say since I’m not there so I’m sharing impressions. It appears the President is a terrorist leader in a mask, his pockets are full and he has turned his back on the Nigerian people. He has faded into the background on International news and he’s unlocked the flood gates. What is going to stop another faction from rising up? Sorry I’m so upset for the Nigerian people. It just crossed my mind, any chance the Pres knows where the girls are? I can’t grasp how not one girl has come home. That gives me a bad feeling in my gut. I pray it’s not true. Thank you for writing the post, you are the best link for accurate information. We know the media in all countries slant the story some way. I’ll be praying for you and your country for stability. Be safe. I look forward to you next post. I have been very ill which hasn’t allowed my to keep up let alone learn new. Thanks.

    1. Well, I’m still relatively safe in the Southeast but that is being slowly eroded – the blanket of safety I mean. We do what we can. As for the president, I’ll be lying If I said I know his intentions.

      Thank you for your visit. And for the well thought out comment. I always look forward to your comments.

      1. I could not get the events over the past six months in Nigeria. There is a 180/360 change in the violence level. That must frighten everyone and put undue stress on young girls. I just don’t know enough about the long term history of Nigeria. I thought it was one of the few countries in the area that was stable. Life changes so quickly. I think I would be on constant alert and concerned about my life. Maybe that’s an exaggeration of reality but from the outside it is scary. I hate to ask this, I can’t get the girls out of mind. Do you think they’re alive? Or maybe taken to another county? I know Nigeria is big but somebody had to see something, know something. I haven’t heard one word in the media. What is the media there saying about the girls? I don’t have children yet at 50 yrs old my heart has softened and my concern for others especially children has grown. If the girls are alive, are they being raped and beaten or do terrorist with children act better? It makes my heart break and I can’t imagine how the parents must feel. I’ve heard so many stories of how women are treated in Middle East countries. There is a huge amount of open spaces with towns far away? or more towns all close by? I just want to cry. I’m sure your family is worried for you. Do you have a whistle or something to get peoples attention if you’re being harassed? Do you walk to university during week or have a car? I’m just babbling on. Know I’m thinking about you. I pray Nigeria will come out of this hard time stronger and with less terrorist in country. 🙂

      2. You raise a lot of questions. Truth is I’m out of guesses. The media is out of guesses too. No one can really say what’s happened or is happening to those girls. I do not know anything anymore. We used to bask in the glory of the “Giant of Africa”. Now I don’t even know what we’ve been reduced to.
        About the parents, it was in the news yesterday that a total of 7 parents have died due to trauma. The fear of the unknown is much worse than the horror of certainty.

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