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Terror Watch: Boko Haram strikes again.

For the third time this year, Boko Haram has managed to successfully bomb the capital city of Abuja killing hundreds of people. The government claimed to have beefed up security after the first two attacks. I wonder If that was actually carried out given that another attack took place just two months after.

Yesterday, June 25, at about 4pm, right around rush hour, a bomb was detonated right outside the popular Emab plaza in the Wuze area of Abuja. Two alleged suicide bombers in a white vehicle were denied access to the plaza because they refused to have their vehicle searched. They then went on to park their vehicle right outside the gate where the bomb was detonated few minutes afterwards. The casualties were mainly street hawkers selling fruits and foodstuff right outside the gate. No actual figure was given.

There was also another explosion in Adamawa state yesterday which killed only one person. It is still inconclusive whether the explosion was caused by a gas cylinder that fell off a moving truck as people nearby stated or a bomb planted by the roadside as the police claimed.

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4 thoughts on “Terror Watch: Boko Haram strikes again.

    1. I was watching the video of the last bombing outside of that plaza. It wasn’t funny. There was this guy who survived the bombing and was bleeding from head to toe. He nearly got hit by a car cos he was trying to cross the road while disoriented. Someone just dragged him back to the curb. All around people were running for their lives.

      Living in Onitsha, that video was the closest I’ve come to experiencing bombing in Nigeria. It left me quaking. I can’t imagine having to live it daily.

      May God keep you safe.

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