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Terror Watch: What next for Chibok girls?

A government that cannot protect its citizens is not fit to govern. A government that cannot confront and put down insurgents in any part of the country is a weak government.

          -Levi Obijiofor, Insights

That is the fate of the Nigerian nation. You should read the full article here.


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8 thoughts on “Terror Watch: What next for Chibok girls?

  1. It is so sad that the fate of the girls is pretty much sealed along with the latest kidnappings of children from villages this butcher is attacking. Their families are not likely to ever hear from them again and I cannot imagine the horrors they are experiencing.

    1. No one can really and everybody has just put it on the backburner. I have this colleague at work who hardly reads the paper but anytime I pick up the paper, she would ask me, “have they been found?” I don’t need to ask who she means. When I say no, she’d shake her head in this sort of grieving way. Not many people care that much anymore.

  2. Thanks CoCo, I will read for sure. Sometimes I think I can solve world peace, then I remind myself I don’t want that job. And killing the bad guys may get me kicked out of office. Have a great day.

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