I’m 23 years old…

…and teething.

I woke up on Thursday morning with a slight discomfort in my mouth which grew into pains when I started brushing my teeth. My extreme lower right gum was sore and it became immediately obvious that I was teething. At 23. Almost 24 really.

I went to work still but by the middle of the day, the pain extended to my right jaw and my neck. It felt like half of my face was paralysed.

I can’t laugh, cough or sneeze. Nor can I chew or swallow. Drinking water is a hardship and eating a punishment. Actually, I can do all these but not without some amount of pain.

This is the weirdest thing that has happened to me recently and nobody is taking it (or me for that matter) seriously. When I told my Mum, she only looked up long enough to tell me “sorry” before returning to her phone. My dad didn’t even say anything.

At work, my colleagues are having a fun fest with my situation, calling me a little kid. I couldn’t tell if this was a common thing or not. I was teething for crissakes!

I sought out Google since no one could tell me anything useful.

The only useful thing I found was at dentipedia. What I gathered from there was that I was growing a wisdom teeth (I wonder if that’ll make me wiser) – probably (and hopefully) the last of it. Still, it couldn’t tell me if this was normal.

I have never been to the dentist’s and probably never will. So I’m just going to do the following:
~ take no cold drinks
~ have liquid meals mostly
~ talk with my teeth clenched
~ avoid talking when not necessary (hard to do in a household of 8 where the default mode of communication is yelling back and forth)

I hope this works.

Do you have any other suggestions? Please feel free to drop your comments.

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  1. A great piece. Humorous and well paced. As for teething – I ended up having my lower wisdom teeth out which wasn’t a pleasant experience ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      1. No. They just started to erupt and there was no place for them to go – only jaw bone – so they had to cut them out! Hopefully yours won’t be impacted or whatever they called mine.

      2. I read about that – impacted is what they called it. I think there’s still space for mine to grow out.
        Yours must have been really painful. I’m sorry about that.

  2. My sympathies, my dear!! I know how it feels and what is worse after one wisdom came out Ihad to have it extracted, then the 3 others thereafter. Go see a dentist for a consult or your pharmacist for advice on something to soothe your gums. Great post…funny although I still felt your pain. Hey thanks for visiting my blog too ๐Ÿ™‚ Oliana

    1. Thank you, Oliana. My neighborhood pharmacy doesn’t open on Sundays. But if the pain persists tomorrow, I may have to do something about it. But I’m not going to the dentist’s.

  3. Hi CoCo, You will regret if you don’t go to dentist now. They are Wisdom teeth, four at the back upper & lower. They can abscess and you will beg for a dentist. Most people in US have them taken out since you don’t need them. That cold water will kick your butt hard. Don’t get all four out at one time, I did and it was terrible. When you feel better would you let me know paper or media outlet in Nigeria tells the news close to the truth? Thanks and good luck with the tooth.

    1. Now you’re scaring me, already making me beg for a dentist. I read it’ll only form abscess if it’s impacted. Mine doesn’t seem to be so. Only how I feel tomorrow will determine what I’ll do – most likely go to the pharmacy.


      1. Yes CoCo you will go to the dentist. You will hug him/her after they pull it. It’s hard to tell when it’s at the beginning of absess, it’s hurting, it’s hurting, now it’s hurting more, now I need some heavy drugs or I’m going to screem. Most don’t get impacted but if you don’t have it looked at, it could and makes things much more painful. I had all of mine taken out at 16 yrs old, they put you in la la land and numb your mouth really good and open the area and pull the tooth. It hurts for a couple of days. If nothing else go have a dentist look at it, tell him/her you don’t want it out and what can you do. Sorry girl but you are going to your first trip to doctor. I liked the way you discover the room and sudenlly you’re moved in. Smooth move. Take care. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. Now you’re gonna make me blush. Good thing I don’t blush.

        And I’m having a great night with my family. My tooth seems to be hurting less.

      3. I’m glad your tooth is better. I bet you do blush, you can’t see it as clearly, right? Did you have time to think about which media outlet in Nigeria writes close to truth? BoKo is pissing me off.

  4. Welcome to Wisdom (teeth!)! The good news is, after you grow them (I hope you won’t be in too much pain), then next thing you’ll probably have to do is get them extracted! Hopefully they’re not impacted so the extraction process isn’t as painful. But the silver lining? Both processes can be brilliant excuses for ice cream (or frozen yogurt–whichever your preference is!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for dropping by the blog!

      1. Ice cream makes everything better!

        But seriously, I would think a cold compress might help the painful area. Eating ice cream should be better because it is a more direct application of the coldness which should numb the pain! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I love your writing! Thank YOU for visiting my blogโ™ก
    You poor thing. My wisdom teeth were horizontally impacted so I had all 4 out at the same time. Around the time I got my braces off. Totally knocked out. It wasn’t my favorite weekend of my life but I survived. I used to be a dental assistant and assisted with people getting their horizontally impacted wisdom teeth out totally awake right after I’d gone through my own surgery. I almost fainted for them. Lol.
    If yours are not horizontal, then you are lucky. Most people don’t have room for them and that is why they are removed. After they break through the skin, it should be less painful. I’m sure you have already gotten all the remedies by now to help but I bet you will have more first-hand sympathy for your teething babies! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I actually didn’t get any remedies for it. If you don’t count ice cream that is. Lol. Anyway, it’s already breaking through the skin. So I’m hopeful the pain will be gone in a couple days. What do you think?

  6. I really do think you should go see a dentist. This is coming from someone who has never been to the dentist ‘cos I’m too scared. haha. Hope you feel better though

  7. I just feel like they will surely find something wrong with my teeth and I dread being in close proximity with their tools and light. Like I’m being interrogated. Now I just sound crazy. *covers face*

    1. I wouldn’t know If that’s crazy since I haven’t seen the insides of a dentist’s office. But if you said the voices told you not to go, I may have to reassess my position. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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