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The President of the People


This current President, Goodluck Jonathan, has never received much support from the press. Few years back, he actually won a Facebook mock award for the most abused public figure on the social media category.

This President has actually given democracy a facelift. He isn’t even close to being the worst president yet. People just happened to find their tongues during his tenure. Not to include easier access to the internet in recent times.

On this note I feel the First Lady’s plight when she urged Nigerians during her children’s day speech on 27th May to “stop abusing her husband”. It hasn’t gone unnoticed how the President is being attacked from all sides. His slow reaction to the kidnapping of the Chibok girls has further brought out the worst of them.

It’s funny how he is being abused from all sides but the truth of the matter is that it doesn’t help us fight this terrorism issue at hand. It shows a total disregard and disrespect for people in authority.

Terrorism is our common enemy not the President. The President needs our help. Let us all support him in this fight.


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19 thoughts on “The President of the People

  1. Terrorist are all of our enemies including those who follow Islam. Islam does not teach terrorism. I am not there but have a hard time giving him a break when the girls are still missing. They must be so scared and their parents worried sick. I can’t imagine the pain.The violence is growing and taking more lives everyday. My idea of a good President is one who leads. Pulls people together to fight for their country without arms if possible. It’s easy to say sitting here in America. I don’t think our President is pulling people together. The priority for any leader is the safety of all people. He needs to get the Military in high gear. If there’s not enough people build the Military. He’s known they were operating in Nigeria for years yet did not run them out before thousands had to die. The events of the past two months has changed the face of Nigeria and hurt the country. It’s hard to turn around the impressions tourist and businesses. I’m so glad you are far from danger. I think of you everyday and wonder how the people feel, how you and your family are doing. Take care and please keep the updates coming. Hugs.

    1. The country slowly being torn apart by ethnic rivalry and regional interests. We are finding it difficult to set these aside to fight this common enemy. So everyone’s taking potshots at the man in the center of it all. I myself have being guilty of that on few occasions. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Political leaders always have to deal with the chokehold of terrorism. It can either make or break them, but it will always take them.

  3. I spent 3 beautiful and memorable years in Nigeria. My good wishes to the President Goodluck Jonathan and all countrymen to bring peace and harmony back.

    1. Nothing worth reporting, I’m afraid. It’s been a whole lot of politics, accusations and counter-accusations with everyone covering their asses. I’m not always sure what’s happening since reports are often change and people recant their statements. It’s real messy stuff.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog. I am going to follow yours as I would like to get more of a perspective from a Nigerian person’s point of view on what is going on.

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