Traditional Marriage Ceremony in Onitsha Town

I haven’t tasted alcohol for going on 4 months now. That’s if you don’t count the full glass of ‘nkwu-ocha’ (palm wine) I downed at my uncle’s reception sometime last month. Somehow, I’ve never been able to classify it as alcohol. Probably because it doesn’t come with an alcoholic content tag. Afterall, it does come from palm trees. How can anyone call it anĀ  alcoholic drink?

Right now, I’ll like to think I’m fully aware but my sobriety level could be called into question. I think I’m OK if you ask me but that’s debatable.

It’s obvious I’ve lost track of what I intended to talk about. That’ll be a story for another day. Hopefully I’ll still remember it tomorrow.

I just need to go to bed.
Good night, y’all.

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