There’s God?

The government of Goodluck Jonathan has proven incapable of dealing with these terrorists who have made killings and rampaging a full-time job. But do you know what doesn’t help matters? The First Lady making a mockery of the situation by weeping and chanting “There’s God” on national television. What? She feels their pain? I don’t think so and I have something to say to her.

Dear Ma, to hell with your tears. They won’t bring our daughters back. You’re also a month late with the tears.

Not only that. She’s also bringing us to ridicule with her unconstitutional committees. Did no one tell her she has no official designation in our democracy? She’s just married to the President for God’s sake. She has no right to summon government officials to meetings.

On another note, what is this I hear about instituting full emergency rule in the besieged states? 
Instituting emergency rule in these states while not being any good a solution is of course already being dissected as a political agenda which it most likely is.

The Nigerian terrorist attacks, especially the Chibok abductions,  have become an international incident. I admit I  didn’t think Goodluck will accept this offer of help from foreign power but he’s risen above it because this menace has beaten him hands down. This is the time to learn from the President and put partisan politics aside. The only way to beat this thing is by uniting our forces. Now that the US, UK, China and France have signed up to help we should make utmost use of this opportunity and not play this like our series of failed national conferences and committee setups.

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  1. Power hungry politicians always say something crazy to get publicity. They really need to learn how to face reality. I guess when you spend majority of your life lying you have no choice but to keep shrouding yourself in lies.

      1. Yeah, that seems to be their “logical” approach to solving an issue globally. They always seem to treat us like a docile felines. I’ve already exposed them a long time ago for their idiotic statements. They definitely deserved it, and still do.

      2. Well, I’d have to speak with you in person to figure that out. Until then, I’ll just have to keep making them fear me.

      3. Course of action is always planned best in an esoteric way. I’ll be brainstorming until we meet.

      4. Africa is my motherland, but still a long ways away. I’m not sure when I’ll get there.

      5. Definitely. I’ve always wanted to go there. My ancestors are from Sierra Leone. You could always come up to the great white north. It’s cold here, but has a lot of character.

      6. Yeah, and I will very soon. Need to explore more of my own country first before I do.

  2. There’s always a political agenda Maureen, the allies support is good, but there’s always a trade, always a backlash… be mindful, and be wise my friend. My prayers are with you and your nation #ALutaContinua

    1. I get that, YJ. Some are worried it may be legalizing same sex marriage. I’m worried it may be oil as usual. Your prayers are sorely needed #VictoriaAceta

  3. Tell it like it is. Sounds like you’ve determined The President is not going to lead. I heard he was named something at the UN and the big meeting was planned for Nigeria. You would think he would step up. The First Lady actions tell me what to expect if elected. I haven’t felt well today so I have not read your other post. I’ll do that tomorrow. I did watch tons of video and I can’t believe the government is not working harder. It’s not like this hasn’t been brewing for some time. Have a great weekend.

  4. Very well said, Coco! There is so much about this story that I can scarcely believe. The atrocity itself–no, unfortunately, that part is all too believable.
    I am thinking more of how President Goodluck’s very first reaction was not one of concern or consideration of how to act, but to blame the other party for coming up with this “scheme” to smear his reelection efforts.
    And how then they claimed to have rescued ALL of the girls when they had not, in fact, affected any rescue at all! From what I hear from here, which could be wrong of course, the only girls now home are those who escaped on their own. Just how far did he think a bold lie like that would carry him?!
    Next, the First Lady actually arrested an organizer of one of the rallies, and wasn’t this organizer a mother of one of the daughters? Even if she wasn’t, what a coldhearted move on Mrs. Goodluck’s part–all to calm the waters, to downplay the bad that might be reflected on her husband’s campaign. She must REALLY like the big house! Then, after advisement she does that public blathering. I had not heard about that yet.
    Unfortunately, the politics here (USA) are not so different–the actors are just better trained.
    Much love from me to you.

    1. It’s all true, of course. Lots more details I haven’t heard yet. About the First Lady’s public blathering, you should read my other post, wailing woman. Thank you for taking the time to comment,

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  6. Cocoblaq. I think no one can be too good for everybody, that’s allowed. The truth that Akpabio has done well is undeniable, so to say. Thank you for visit and comment.

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