Africans be like

I totally agree with everything here cos It’s exactly like that in my home.

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Throw back Thursday

Being an early twenty something girl is really challenging in my own opinion and the environment I found myself in does little or nothing to help matters. When I say environment, I mean I live in a typical African house. I don’t mean this as you can see in the picture above. I meant in the way we Relate with one another,Our respect, Values and Understanding of how things should be rightfully done.

Here are some examples of how things are done in my typical African home :-

1. As a normal girl child, you shouldn’t have a boyfriend,talk about a man or have any contact with a man until marriage or else that one will be termed as prostitution.

2. You have to know and understand your kitchen duties solely (you must know how to cook every meal in a mouth watering way) or you want…

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