The Voices

There they are sitting in my backyard, not talking to one another. Each in his own mind plotting their line °ƒ defense. If they wouldn’t acknowledge one another, who am I then to do otherwise. They are all part °ƒ me. But they are not. They each stem from various memories, both true and fabricated. I sometimes forget which. What would I do ωιτн them? What will I ever do without them? That’s a recently recurring question to which I know not τнε answer yet. Maybe I should just let them be. Τнεy seem okay this way. But interaction may be better for them. Not that I haven’t tried to do that in τнε past. Ωιτн no success I might add. I think I’ll just let them be. For now. Till they meet again.



5 thoughts on “The Voices

  1. The voices sometimes yell out in agony and life becomes difficult. It is a test of your beliefs, and growth will occur because after an obstacle is conquered a new pathway forms.

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